Why we are candidates again?

Simply because we really love Ghent University and we would like to offer our experience and energy. In the past rounds of voting we consistently obtained ca. 60% of the votes, which tells us that our project can count on broad support within the university. This has given us a lot of courage and has ensured that we are still as keen and enthusiastic as in the beginning of our campaign.

What our programme looks like?

We are still committed to the programme we initially presented to you since it was and is sound in terms of content and it conveys calmness and serenity.  What’s more, we guarantee a positive leadership, thoughtful and determined.

  • Trust is a central concept in our programme. We would like to get rid of excessive rules and regulations, so that members of staff feel trusted and can do their job with more freedom, but also with more responsibility. 
  • Societal engagement is very important to us. We are strongly convinced of the fact that higher education needs to get a new surge of democratisation. Our university can play an important role in that process, by taking measures to improve the influx of students who traditionally have not or hardly found their way to university.
  • Participation and consultation are part of the DNA of our university. “Nothing about us without us” may seem nothing more than a slogan, but is essential to us. Taking decisions that are relevant to all of us together and implementing them together also.
  • We would like more attention for career development. The university has to create opportunities to grow, both for (young) researchers and for members of the administrative and technical staff.
  • Finally, the current funding models need to be adjusted, in consultation with the government and other knowledge institutes. They need to foster collaboration instead of the exaggerated competition we are faced with now.  

These are some of the key themes in our programme with which we would like to make a difference. Other important questions will also determine our policy agenda, such as the integration of the Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent) into Ghent University. When dealing with this issue, consultation and trust are essential as well. We know that the integration process is being prepared very thoroughly and are convinced of the fact that it will be successful. Bringing together education, research and patient care in one institute will allow us to shape the health care of the future.

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Waarom we opnieuw kandidaat zijn?
Why we are candidates again?